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KLR DR 100 Rotary Drill Rig
KLR 300 DTH/Rotary Drill Rig
Technical Specifications of KLR DR 100 Meters Rotary Drill Rig
Descriptions Units
  F.P.S. Metric
Rilling Capacity
Drill Hole Size 10 inch 250 mm.
Drill Rod Size 3.5 inch 89 mm.
Type of Drilling Mud Rotary Mud Rotary
Max. Depth 330 feet 100 mtrs.
Main System Rotary Head
Speed Max. (Series) 0 to 150 rpm. 0 to 150 rpm.
Max. Torque (Parallel) 40000 inch-lbs. 460 kgf.m.
Feed System
Pull Back Capacity 18933 lbf. 8590.3 kgf.
Pull Down Capacity 13208 lbf. 5896 kgf.
Pull Back Speed 66 fpm 20 mtr/min.
Hydraulic System
Total Pump Flow

35 gpm.

132 lpm.

Operating Pressure 3000 psi. 210 bar
Filtration 10 Microns 10 Microns
Tank Capacity 66 gallons 250 litres
Prime Mover
Type of Drive Driven by a deck engine through coupling Driven by a deck engine through coupling
Deck Engine Type Diesel Diesel
No. of Cylinders


Max. Power 110 110
Auxiliary System Water Injection Pump
Max. Pressure 250 psi 18 bar
Max. Flow 8 gpm 30 lpm
Type of drive Hydraulic Hydraulic
Type Hydrolically actuated Hydrolically actuated
Stroke 24 inch 610 mm.
Quantity 4 4
Breakout Winch
Actuation Type Hydraulic Hydraulic
Cylinder Stroke 14 inch 350 mm.
Mud Pump
Stroke 6 inch 152 mm.
Bore 6.0 inch 152 mm.
Flow 270 gpm. 1020 lpm.
Max. Pressure 256 psi. 18 bar
Drive Hydraulic Motor Driven Hydraulic Motor Driven
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Type Fin type, oil to air Fin type, oil and air
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic
Rod Changer
Manually operated single rod changer with 800 kg. Capacity Winch & Jib Hoist
Welding Generator
Max. Amp. 50-350 50-150
Voltage 80 80
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic