Multidrill Series XL

Multidrill XL: compact, flexible, and powerful, surely the best performances/dimensions ratio.  With its simple modular-based construction criteria and its high technological content the Multidrill XL can be perfectly adapted to any drilling system with different assemblies and customized versions. Aggressive professional applications and a wide action range allow to drill both for soil investigations and water wells with direct/reverse fluid circulation or with down the hole (DTH) hammer.  

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM:Electric control  load sensing hydraulic system. POWER UNIT: Deck mounted engine KW 85.
PULL-DOWN SYSTEM: Pull-up 5000 daN, Pull-down 3500 daN. ROTARY HEAD TROKE: mt 4,5.
ROTARY HEAD: Torque daNm 1000 max. Rpm' 1000 max. Side shifting device.
HYDRAULIC DRILLING CLAMP: Double-simple/openable. Pass.250mm.
WINCH: Fixed drum - free fall. Pulling capacity daNm 3000.
CRAWLER CARRIER: Rubber or steel type with remote control.

OPTIONALS: The basic versione of MULTIDRILL XL can be customized with the following optional items:

  • Direct/reverse circulation pump
  • Foam injection pump
  • DTH hammer line lubrificator
  • Air compressor
  • Rotary head hydraulic tilting device
  • Generator/welding unit
  • Re-circulating water desander
  • Wire-line winches
  • Percussion device
  • Automatic drill pipe handling system
  • D.P. break-out device
  • Casing Pulling Device
  • Turning mast head
  • Radio control for drilling functions